Spiritual Growth AT Cornerstone

We have discovered THREE ESSENTIALS for consistent spiritual growth at Cornerstone:

  1. Regular attendance in weekly worship: Those who are haphazard in Sunday worship often stagnate in the spiritual journey.
  2. Involvement in community: those we are engaged in community seem to consistently keep growing spiritually. While there are many ways to connect to community at Cornerstone (life stage ministries, joining a ministry team, church wide meals, volunteering, sports ministry, etc.), for most of us the most powerful connection to community is by joining a Community Group (CG). Those who are in CGs at Cornerstone seem to consistently grow spiritually more than those who are not.
  3. Intentional ownership of your spiritual journey: Those who hope they will grow spiritually, without doing anything about it, do not progress very far in the Christian journey. We want to encourage every attender at Cornerstone to make a spiritual growth plan that involves intentional spiritual disciplines to grow more like Christ.

One-Session Classes

  • "Get to Know Cornerstone Church" Class

    Everything you always wanted to know about Cornerstone but were afraid to ask!

    This one-session class led by Pastor Bill will review our church mission and vision, our church structure and ministries to accomplish our mission and vision, our Cornerstone Intentional Discipleship Pathway, our denominational values, and more! There is no better way to get an overview of what Cornerstone Church is all about. This class is also required as the first step towards formal church membership.

    Our next class is on February 26th at 9:15am at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. Register for an upcoming session by using this form!

  • Baptism/Confirmation Class

    Baptism is a sign of faith in Jesus Christ as the forgiver of our sins and as the leader of our lives!

    If you have been baptized, or if you were baptized as an infant and have not been confirmed, this class is for you! In this one-session class, Pastor Bill will share the most significant Biblical truths about Christian Baptism. This is the first step to confirmation and/or baptism at Cornerstone.

    Please sign up for our upcoming class on Sunday, March 12th at 9:00am by using this form!

Core Christian Formation Courses

The following classes are "core courses" we recommend every attender at Cornerstone should take at some point in time!

  • Healthy Spirituality Class

    We cannot become spiritually mature until we address things like conflict, anger, sadness, fear, pace of life, and living without boundaries.In this course, we examine 8 spiritual practices that will enable us to develop an emotionally healthy spirituality. The cost for this class is $10.

    Sunday mornings (Feb 5-April 2) for 8 sessions. 9:15am at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. Register by filling out this form!

  • Gifts & Calling Class

    Led by Pastor Bill, our Gifts & Calling Class is a two-day class on discerning spiritual giftings and holy calling!

    Pastor Bill's passion is to help others be more like Jesus and equip those who will help others be more like Jesus. This class is a tangible opportunity to be ministered to and commissioned to others! The cost for this class is $25 (book, printouts, and food).

    Our next class is March 3 & 4 at Pastor Bill's house in Malden! Sign up using this form!

Advanced Christian Formation Courses

The following courses are for those who are growing deeper to be equipped as disciple-makers!

  • GPS For The Christian Journey

    You already know the Christian life is a journey, but do you have a Biblical map for that journey? Do you know the normal and expectable stages of maturity of the journey? Do you know the places along the way where we normally get stuck or caged? Do you know the two dark nights of the soul? This class explores the life-long Christian journey to help you find where you are, what is coming next, and what will help you grow based on where you are. Even more, this seminar is designed to equip you to be an intentional disciple maker and spiritual mentor. This seminar will forever change the way you see your Christian life. The cost for this class is $25 for materials and food.

    Our next seminar will take place on February 10 & 11 at Pastor Bill's house in Malden. Sign up using this form!

  • Heart Motives Class

    In this pilot class, we will take a look at a tool for spiritual growth and sanctification called "heart motives". Over six sessions, we will investigate what heart motives, why they matter, how heart motives impact us on a daily level, and how we can grow to become more like Jesus through repentance and redemption of our heart motive.

    This class will take place on select Sunday mornings (February 5 to April 2) for 6 sessions at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. Space is limited, so sign up using this form!

  • Lazarus At The Gate Class

    "Lazarus At The Gate" (LATG) is an economic discipleship curriculum. This class focuses on what it means to a good steward of our finances before the Lord. Registration details will be available soon!