The Leadership Team (LT) at Cornerstone is a group of congregation-approved members who oversee the church both spiritually and operationally. It is a group made up of between 5 and 9 people that operate on year-long terms starting in August. In many other churches, the analogous leadership is structured as Elders and Deacons.

On the operational side, the LT oversees church finances, makes sure we have a place to worship, and takes care of other business matters. On the spiritual side, the LT makes sure the Pastoral Staff has accountability and are taken care of and keep a general pulse of the congregation’s health. The overall goal is to maintain Cornerstone’s health as a Christ-centered community. Who is currently on the Leadership Team? The LT currently consists of 5 members plus our Lead Pastor, Bill Johnson.

  • Brandon Chuang Chair & Treasureremail

    Brandon grew up in Orange County, California. He received his BS in Biology at University of California, San Diego in 2013 and his OD from New England College of Optometry in 2018. Brandon works as an assistant clinical professor of optometry at his alma mater and is happily married to his wife Lucy. He currently resides in Medford while working for his school at South Boston Community Health Center as an attending optometrist. In his spare time, he likes to play tennis, play Super Smash Brothers, and hike.

  • Grace Hong Nominating & Vice Chair email

    Grace has been attending Cornerstone since 2012 as a student at Brandeis University, after moving to Boston from Nashville, TN. She is currently working as an immigration attorney with a non-profit legal aid based in Worcester, MA freshly after receiving her J.D. from Boston University School of Law. She currently serves in the College Ministry, and has served in the past as a campus leader in college. Grace loves building genuine community and is passionate about advocating for the voiceless.

  • Alina Kim Secretary & Pastor Care email

    Alina Kim has been attending Cornerstone since 2012, when she moved to Boston for her first job post-graduation. It is also through Cornerstone that she met and married her husband Stuart and dedicated their two sons, Kai and Zeke. Alina uses her spiritual gifts of exhortation and leadership to spur those around her to action, especially in areas of addressing mental health and faith.

  • Haemin Yuh Membership email

    Haemin Yuh has been attending Cornerstone Church since 2014 and lives in Brookline. Haemin's husband is Dave, who she met at a Friday Night Fellowship gathering at Cornerstone. Currently, she's enjoying being a stay at home mom for her five year old son, Aidan, and two and a half year old daughter, Emily. Previously, she worked in international development with a focus on global health.

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Leadership Team

How do members become part of the Leadership Team?

The existing Leadership Team creates a nominating committee that facilitates nominations from the congregation for new LT members. Criteria include being a member as well as the Biblical qualities as noted in 1 Timothy 3. After a series of interviews, prayer, and discernment, LT-approved candidates are brought before the congregation for a vote of approval. 

What are some concrete examples of the Leadership Team's oversight?

  • Spiritually discerns church vision and strategy
  • Sets, approves church budget
  • Sets major events in church calendar
  • Works to resolve any conflicts within the church
  • Provides accountability, help, resources for Staff
  • Oversees the formal members of Cornerstone

How can I get more insight into what the Leadership Team is doing?

The LT will post a monthly report of things the LT has been discussing and working on Cornerstone Connect (sans any sensitive information relating to certain individuals). You can also always ask questions to individual LT or staff members, or send an email to everyone here.

If I have any concerns or questions, should I bring them up to the Leadership Team?

Absolutely! Anyone on LT should be one of the primary points of contact for any issues or questions that may come up for anyone in the congregation. The Pastoral Staff Team is also a resource, of course, but sometimes it is more comfortable for a congregant to approach a lay-leader.