Cornerstone will go back to in-person worship starting on July 18th at Kendall Square Cinema! For the time being, there is limited capacity, so make sure to reserve your seat in order to worship with us. Out of abundance of caution and love for our neighbor, we ask that everyone attending would be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

We will continue to livestream our services for those who are not yet comfortable joining in-person as well as those who are not in Boston. 

Please continue to pray for Cornerstone as we gather again as a church family! Thank you!


May 2, 2021

As announced during Sunday service today, we are entering into a month-long congregational prayer for the future of Cornerstone. We believe when the people of God earnestly pray to Him, God hears us and can move powerfully because He "is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think" (Ephesians 3:20)! Please join the Leadership Team, Spiritual Overseers Team, Pastoral Staff Team, and Long Range Planning Team in focused prayer for Cornerstone along these weekly themes:

  • Week of 5/2: COVID-19 pandemic
  • Week of 5/9: Our location search
  • Week of 5/16: Our leaders
  • Week of 5/23: Our gatherings
  • Week of 5/30: Our impact on our city

We kindly ask you to set aside time during each week to intentionally lift up our church to the Lord. Thank you for your partnership!

As we continue to search for our next physical location, the next phase of our Sunday worship will include gathering in-person in smaller groups (according to the guidelines provided by the CDC and the state of Massachusetts) across homes in the Greater Boston area. We are, therefore, looking for hosts to provide the space and hospitality for folks to gather to worship together as more people are vaccinated and cases of COVID-19 decrease. If you are willing to host, please fill out this form!

If you have any questions, please contact the Pastoral Staff Team.

APRIL 13, 2021

Cornerstone has been renting a space in Arlington to use as our streaming/recording studio since September 2020. Our Long Range Planning Team and Pastoral Staff Team have concurrently been searching for a property as our "home base" — hopefully a more permanent space for Cornerstone, as we come out of the necessary safety protocols and restrictions we have practiced out of love for one another and love for our neighbors, where we can potentially gather in-person wisely and safely. To that end, we would like to invite everyone in our congregation to a season of focused prayer to God and dependence upon the Holy Spirit:

Please pray boldly and fervently for the following:

  • our property search — We are praying BIG! We hope to find a "dream" property that is affordable, scalable for worship when we can start to gather in-person, and close to the T that we can have exclusive 24/7 access, so that we can discover greater ways to be a blessing to those who do not know Jesus yet and those who are marginalized and oppressed in Boston. We know that this is asking for a lot, especially in Boston, but we believe that God is more than able to provide!
  • our leadership — We want to cover all of our leaders — our pastors, ministry interns, Leadership Team members, and Spiritual Overseers Team members — with prayer, as they have helped us navigate through more than a year of unexpected twists and turns alongside tremendous pain and grief. Our leaders are human and have limits, and they need our support, as we ask the Holy Spirit to guide them to help Cornerstone obey and exalt Christ. Please considering praying for the various teams listed above on a weekly basis!
  • our decisions — It is becoming increasingly clear that the decisions that our leaders will make in the next few months will have great ripple effects into our future as a church. Please pray for guidance from the Lord through Scripture and the Holy Spirit to make wise and prudent choices that exhibit an utter dependence upon God and a clear desire to make Jesus known in the world. We want to look back and praise God for helping us make decisions that seem like we knew what was going to happen — we believe God can do this. He has done it before for Cornerstone, and He can do it again!
  • our gatherings — We know that online/virtual worship is not a perfect substitute for gathering in-person, and we hope to gather again as soon as it's possible. In the meantime, however, we want to pray that our Sunday services and other gatherings over Zoom and YouTube are full of God's presence and power. We still believe in our mission and vision, and we want to see live changed in Jesus' name!

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

Through nearly six months of worshipping virtually while staying updated with the COVID-19 pandemic as well as being confronted with the immense racial injustice in the United States and the political discourse with the upcoming presidential election, the Pastoral Staff at Cornerstone have discerned a new ministry strategy for 2020-2021, which Pastor Bill initially shared during Sunday worship on August 30th.

Here are the components of the new ministry strategy:

  1. Smaller groups for community, discipleship, and mission with God. We are calling these "2:42 Teams" based on Acts 2:42, where we read about the early Church, "They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." In this season, we believe that it is important to go deeper with God, with one another, and with our neighbors who may not know Jesus yet. 2:42 Teams will be centered around learning together, leading one another, putting our faith into concrete action, and sharing our faith with fellow believers as well as sharing our faith in a way that blesses our neighborhoods and city. In these teams, we believe that we can experience supernatural transformation, not only on a personal basis but also in a way that makes a difference in our world that is currently experiencing brokenness and suffering. You can find more information about 2:42 Teams and sign up here on Cornerstone Connect: 2:42 Team Signups
  2. A transition from pre-recorded virtual Sunday services to live virtual Sunday services. Up until this past March, the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT) was sold to developers last year and we were supposed to continue gathering until July 2021. Due to COVID-19, BFIT did not renew our lease for 2020-2021, leaving us without a physical space to gather. The Long Range Planning Team has been searching for both a temporary space for ministry volunteers and the Pastoral Staff Team to conduct and livestream our Sunday worship services as well as a future, more permanent space when we can all safely gather in person for Sunday worship services. A temporary space has been found, and our Sunday services will gradually be mostly, if not all, live rather than pre-recorded, starting this upcoming Sunday, October 4th! Make sure you've subscribed to our YouTube channel and/or bookmarked the Church.Online link! Additionally, the Leadership Team is providing an opportunity to connect via Zoom for a Sunday Worship Watch Party each week, so that we can see each others' faces and
  3. A redesign of our learning opportunities and spiritual growth experiences to be available digitally/virtually. The Pastoral Staff Team will be working on, alongside ministry core teams, making our learning opportunities and spiritual growth experiences to be available online. For example, the Christian Formation Ministry will be working on getting our Gifts & Calling Class to be an online experience and the College Ministry has planned for a virtual retreat in November. We are still committed to helping you know God, stay connected with each other, and experience abundant life with Jesus through the Holy Spirit!

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Pastoral Staff Team or the Leadership Team!

June 10, 2020

The Pastoral Staff Team and Leadership Team are continuing to monitor the reopening of Massachusetts and staying in contact with the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology regarding plans for reopening their building. We will continue to worship via livestream for the time being, and any important updates will shared during our Sunday services and through our weekly eNews.

March 20, 2020

Head over to our Instagram or YouTube to watch a video message from Pastor Bill, checking in with you to connect with you, encourage you, comfort you, and strengthen you! Remember to join us for our livestream Sunday service at 10:30am!

MARCH 14, 2020

Hello, Cornerstone! We will livestream an intimate service on our website here starting at 10:30am tomorrow morning! Make sure you are on a strong Internet connection, but if you run into issues, we will do our best to have the service recorded. We appreciate your patience as we figured out the details of livestreaming for the first time! In the meantime, the updates shared on March 12th still hold true for Cornerstone until further notice. We hope to connect with you tomorrow morning!

MARCH 12, 2020

We appreciate your patience and trust as the pastors and the Leadership Team discern how to best lead our congregation in the midst of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation in the world and in Boston.

Here are the most up-to-date details around our gatherings:

  • Sunday services will be cancelled until Holy Week: In-person Sunday gatherings will not be held through Holy Week. A decision regarding Easter Sunday worship will be made as we receive more clarity in the upcoming weeks.
  • Live-streaming Sunday worship will begin on March 15. We still want to worship, pray, and experience God together even over a livestream. We will gather virtually on Sunday, March 15th at 10:30am. Stay connected via our eNews and social media for the specifics.
  • All-Church Retreat has been cancelled. Refunds will be processed shortly. Any questions about the retreat should be directed to the Leadership Team.
  • Gatherings of more than 25 people will not be held. We also highly recommend that smaller gatherings, including Community Groups, meet virtually. Keep in touch with each other, but do so in a safe way with technology and practicing micro-social distancing, which includes keeping at least three feet apart and frequent hand washing.
  • If you test positive for coronavirus, let us know. Use this form to let the pastors and Leadership Team know so that they can pray for you and act accordingly.
  • Direct any questions to our