Mission & Vision


LMDJ exists to be a prophetic voice for Cornerstone by advocating for issues on God’s heart, to emulate Jesus’ values and actions by seeing the image of God in everyone.


To advocate for restorative justice to become part of Cornerstone’s discipleship and to invest in the people of Boston with unconditional love.

Serving opportunities

Outreach With Lion of Judah

We will be partnering with Lion of Judah Church to serve breakfast and have fellowship with people affected by homelessness! Lion of Judah hosts the outreach in the back bay area every Saturday morning from 8:30-10:30am. Please contact lmdj@cornerstoneboston.org for more information.


Partakers is an organization that advances prison education. Partner with LMDJ to become a mentor to prisoners who are enrolled in college prison programs, and help them increase their chances for success when they return to their communities. This is an amazing opportunity to walk alongside the marginalized and incorporate justice into our faith. Please contact lmdj@cornerstoneboston.org for more information. 

Volunteer for Community Servings

Join us as we partner with Community Servings to help prepare nutritional meals for those with critical illnesses! All opportunities are held 6:00-8:00pm. Please contact lmdj@cornerstoneboston.org for more information. 


"Jesus' ministry was essentially liberation on behalf of the poor and the oppressed. I didn't need a doctorate in theology to know that liberation defined the heart of Jesus's ministry. Black people had been preaching and singing about it for centuries."


In May, the lynchings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd sparked outrage across our country. Demanding justice for their murders, millions have marched in protest throughout not only all 50 states but also the world. The deaths of Ahmaud, Breonna, and George remind us that white supremacy still haunts our country and that we still do not value black life. 

Many of us have become aware of our complicity in the systemic oppression of Black bodies and our disturbing indifference to their suffering. Now, many of us are rightly confessing and repenting. However, that’s only the first step. The fight for justice requires that we join the Black community as co-laborers. It’s important to first listen and learn from the people who have fought injustice for over 400 years. 

Love Mercy Do Justice has compiled these guides for you to listen and learn, so that you might become an anti-racist co-laborer. 

  1. Carefully work through this guide, authored by pastor Joseph Ardayfio,  on doing anti-racist work alongside the Black community. 

  1. Read this short article on liberatory consciousness by Barbara Love. Libreatory consciousness is a helpful model that enables an individual to live within oppressive systems with awareness and intentionality, and without losing hope. 

  1. Check out these resource pages from our denomination’s Love Mercy Do Justice initiative and the Sola Network to find books, articles, and media, in order to delve deeper and learn. 

  • The Love Mercy Do Justice page has resources on lament, a playlist on racial righteousness and lament, books, poems, and ways to engage anti-racism work in community.  

  • The Sola Network page offers helpful annotations of recommended resources. Additionally, at the end of this page, you’ll find resources and articles in other languages. While dialoguing with parents about racism is one of the most important tasks for Asian Americans, often the language barrier makes it really hard to go deeper. We hope that those resources will facilitate meaningful conversation. 

  1. It’s always important to critically reflect upon what you’re learning. Consider the questions in this guide by Pastor Rich Villodas. Journal these thoughts, or talk through them with your friends and families. 

  1. As you learn, you’ll want to learn how to take action. You can begin researching organizations by starting here

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to reach out to our team at lmdj@cornerstoneboston.org.